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Who doesn't love a good mystery or thrilling suspense novel? From the overactive little gray cells of M. Poirot to the grisly doings on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, there's a sub-genre of crime fiction for just about everyone. Add a scoop of romance and a dash of sex, and you're working in what is still one of the hottest -- and most lucrative -- genres out there. But loving murder and mayhem doesn't automatically mean you've got an instinctive understanding of how to turn your enthusiasm and ideas into commercially viable projects. Especially if your familiarity with the genre comes from watching American Crime or a couple of Agatha Christie novels you read in your teens.

Let the Mistress of M/M Mystery, Josh Lanyon, help you master the crucial elements of this demanding and competitive sub-genre--and give you the necessary edge to stand out from all the usual suspects.

With Josh's help you'll learn to craft original and believable crime plots, develop characters as memorable as they are mysterious, and weave in heart-wrenching romance that won't overpower the suspense and tension of your mystery.

Crime really does pay--when you know what you're doing. And after twenty-plus years of publishing crime fiction in both mainstream and niche markets, no one knows the genre better than Josh. Whether you're new to a life of crime or have a backlist a mile long, Josh can help you with targeting your audience, structure, pacing, motivation, plot, characterization, creating tension and momentum, and believable resolutions.

Writing Killer M/M Mystery and Suspense

December 2018

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