"Lanyon is an entirely satisfying writer on every level. The writing itself is superb, but unlike some authors whose writing is great but whose stories have all the excitement of cat kibble, the stories are gripping and exciting as well, and the people three-dimensional. They are the kind of stories you will read again and again because of their depth and because you grow to care about the people in them."
-- Wilde Oats e-zine

The Mermaid Murders

Special Agent Jason West from the FBI Art Crime Team is partnered with legendary “manhunter” Sam Kennedy, best known for the capture and conviction of notorious serial killer The Huntsman. Except The Huntsman is still out there...

Fair Play

Setting up house with his new lover was tricky enough for ex-FBI agent Elliot Mills, even before arson landed his former radical father in the guest bedroom. Now he's got to figure out who is willing to kill to keep his dad's memoirs from being published.

Stranger on the Shore

Obsessed newshawk Griffin Hadley is out to solve a decades-old missing child case, but the family lawyer, handsome Pierce Mather. is none too happy, and more than a little suspicious.

Green Glass Beads

Josh joins award-winning fantasy authors Ginn Hale, Nicole Kimberling and Astrid Amara for The Irregulars, an anthology of stories about a unique and secret international law enforcement agency...

Lone Star

Though he found success in New York City, dancer Mitch Evans is at a crossroads, and heads home to rural Texas for the first time in twelve years to figure things out. But the last person Texas Ranger Web Eisley expects to see four days before Christmas is his first love...

Mummy Dearest

Drew Lawson is racing against the clock. He's got twenty-four hours to authenticate the mummy of Princess Merneith, but if he's not back in time for his boyfriend's garden party, it'll be the final nail in their relationship coffin. So the last thing he needs is interfence from brash, handsome reality show host who wants to film a documentary about the mummy's curse.

Dead Run

For Special Agents Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt of the Department of Diplomatic Security, the strain of a long distance relationship is beginning to tell after eleven months of separation. But when Taylor spots a terrorist from the 70s, long believed dead but very much alive in Paris, it's c'est la vie.


Come Unto These Yellow Sands

Once a bad boy, the only lines Professor Sebastian Swift does these days are Browning, Frost and Cummings. When a student he helped to disappear becomes a suspect in a murder, he races to find the boy and convince him to give himself up before his police chief lover figures out he's involved.

Snowball in Hell

It's 1943 and the world is at war. Reporter Nathan Doyle is just back from the European Theater when he's asked to cover the murder of a society blackmailer--a man who, Homicide Detective Matthew Spain believes, Nathan had every reason to want dead.

All She Wrote

A murderous fall down icy stairs is nearly all she wrote for Anna Hitchcock, the "American Agatha Christie." The cry for help from his old mentor cuts short mystery author Kit Holmes' romantic weekend with his new lover J.X. Moriarity, and lands him an amateur sleuth gig in an elegant snowbound mansion in the Berkshires.

A Vintage Affair

Somewhere in the cobwebbed cellar of the decrepit antebellum mansion known as Ballineen are the legendary Lee bottles -- and Austin Gillespie is there to find them. The last thing on his mind is hot and heavy romance with handsome bad boy Jeff Brady. But Jeff has other ideas and, after one intoxicating night, so does Austin.

Fair Game

A crippling knee injury forced Elliot Mills to trade in his FBI badge for dusty chalkboards and bored college students. Now a history professor at Puget Sound University, the former agent has put his old life behind him -- but it seems his old life isn't finished with him.

The Darkling Thrush

Fed up with his desk duty in the Imperial Arcane Library, book hunter Colin Bliss accepts a private commission to find The Sword's Shadow, a legendary and dangerous witches' grimoire. But to find the book, Colin must travel to the remote Western Isles and solve a centuries' old murder.

Strange Fortune

Dashing soldier of fortune Major Valentine Strange, late of the Emperor of Alba’s 21st Regiment of Benhali Lancers, is hired by Brahman Ehimay Warrick to find a legendary diadem reputedly hidden in a lost monastery somewhere deep in the distant, snowy mountains of Hidush.

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