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The Parting Glass

Short story, Contemporary Romance (sequel to In a Dark Wood)

Two and a half years ago, travel writer Timothy O'Shay let NYPD Detective Luke O'Brien talk him into hiking into the New Jersey Pine Barrens to face down a monster.

Now Tim and Luke meet again under very different circumstances. The old attraction is still there -- but so are some of Tim's monsters. Is it too late to find their way back to each other?


The Parting Glass, a beautifully written story that will take you to an amazing place. And once you’ve been there, you’ll want to go back again and again. And if you’re not reading through a veil of tears when you get to, what was for me, one of the most emotional final scenes that I’ve read in many years, then it’s time for a trip to see the wizard to get a heart. And yes, you’ll be quite satisfied with the ending. Highly recommended.
Reviews by Jessewave
This really is a wonderful read. I have honestly tried to not be swayed by the fact that Tim and Luke are one of my favourite duos... It genuinely is a great story, and I actually think that every story PJS (post Josh sabbatical) is getting better. Josh and his muse have totally got their mojo rocking!! Go. Buy the book. You’ll love it!! I am about to reread both books, and I can count on one hand the number of books I reread.
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The Parting Glass
September 2013, JustJoshin Publishing Inc.

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