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The Hell You Say

Contemporary Mystery, Amateur Sleuth
Short-listed for a 2007 Lambda Literary Award in the Gay Mystery category.

Demons, death threats...
and Christmas shopping.
It's gonna be one Hell of a Holiday.

In the third in the popular Adrien English series, the "ill-starred and bookish" mystery writer has to contend with a Satanic cult, a handsome university professor and his on-again/off-again relationship with the eternally conflicted LAPD Detective Jake Riordan.

And, oh, yes, murder...

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A lovely lark of a whodunit. What makes this mystery sparkle are Lanyon's sturdy characterizations, from the turmoil of the sexually conflicted cop to the bubble-headed bounciness of three girls who are about to become Adrien's half-sisters, when his imperiously dotty mother remarries.
Richard Labonte, Books to Watch Out For
This has all the charm, suspense, wit and fascination of the first in the series. Gorgeously written, full of humor and engaging intelligence, I bought this one in paperback on the strength of the first two in the series, and I'm glad I did, because this is possibly better than either of them. It isn't often that a series gets better with each book, but this one does! I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Alex Beecroft, Night Owl Romance Reviews
Satisfying for a first read as a good beach mystery, for a second or third for reflection. Lanyon has joined Joseph Hansen in power and is now poised to surpass him.
Drewey Wayne Gunn
(author of The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film) in Reviewing the Evidence
The Hell You Say is clever -- beautifully written and witty, with a satisfying conclusion and nothing left unresolved.
Alan Paul Curtis, Who Dunnit
A cracking good read, told with great wit and style, with all the humorous trademarks of the earlier two novels.
The Hell You Say is superbly written with a tight plot, lots of dark alleys and nooks and crannies all over the place. It's a fast and entertaining read, and Lanyon is carving out quite a niche for himself as the creator of gay mysteries. The characterizations make the book absolutely delicious. Excellent!
Shelley Glodowski, Midwest Book Review
Josh Lanyon pulls you in from page one with a fast paced sleuthing adventure, wonderful characters, zippy dialog, brutal longing and sword through the heart devastation. Adrien gracelessly steps from ugly situation, to uglier relationship realities. He saves the day, predictably, but there is no prince charming to carry him off into the sunset. He is alone in a crowd, drink in hand on Christmas at the close of the book. It's solitary and leaves you trembling.
Lisabea, Nose in a Book
Have I made it clear yet how much I adore Josh Lanyon? I haven’t, you say? Then let me rectify that here and now. Aside from sharp prose – often funny, always hitting close to the emotional bone – he’s created a character I adore and want desperately to follow into the next book, and the next, and the next one after that.
Book Utopia


Slippery When Wet

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The Hell You Say
December 2011
JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
Trade paperback
September 2012
JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
June 2013
JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
Narrator: Chris Patton
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