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Sort of Stranger Than Fiction

Contemporary Romance, Suspense, Fantasy

When Michael Milner opens a dojo across the street from Ethan's bookstore, Red Bird Books, he makes ripples not only because he's a newcomer in the small desert town of Peabody, but because half his face has been horribly scarred. How? Ethan isn't sure. Michael's not exactly the chatty type, which only adds to his allure.

Michael may not be the most sociable person in Peabody, but he's quick to defuse a tense situation when Ethan finds himself cornered by Karl Hagar, fellow writing group member, and creepy author of even creepier serial killer tales. Ethan's sister Erin is convinced that Karl himself is responsible for the bodies turning up lately in the desert--after all, don't all the advice books say, "Write what you know?"

While Erin's idea seems pretty far-fetched, Ethan does have to wonder why Karl's eerie focus has landed squarely on him.

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Lanyon's skill at conveying depth and complexity in a small package is evident in this story. He takes gentle digs at writers' groups and small-town life, but he also reminds us that there are people everywhere who dream of having something different, something that takes them out of their everyday lives.
Sunita for Dear Author
This story is narrated from Ethan's point of view, bookshop-owner and would-be published author, and is a charming read. Ethan's an attractive blend of polite, friendly discretion and healthy curiosity. He's a small town guy who's never moved away -- or wanted to -- but he knows enough about life to seek adventure and be drawn to Michael, his mysterious new neighbour. The author's prose is a pleasure to read as always, the dialogue realistic across many characters, the words well chosen, the plotting careful.
PettyProse for Brief Encounters
"f you have ever read a book by this author you know that above all his strength is in his characterizations and in Sort of Stranger Than Fiction he demonstrates why I love his characters. SOSTF is another wonderful entrant into the Petit Morts series and it adds to Chance's mystique, as more layers of his character are exposed. Each book takes Chance in a different direction and Josh Lanyon does what he does best -- he writes with a skill that makes readers into loyal fans who can't wait for his next adventure into the dark side. You definitely want to pick up Sort of Stranger Than Fiction.
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Sort of Stranger Than Fiction
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October 2013
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Sort of Stranger Than Fiction
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