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Slings & Arrows

Contemporary Romance, Suspense, Fantasy

Josh joins former Partner in Crime Jordan Castillo Price for a delicious new series: Petit Morts. A fresh batch of poisonous little romances coming your way every few months. Valentine's Day themed stories from Josh include "Other People's Weddings" and "Slings and Arrows".

Not that Carey really believes his secret admirer is up to anything very sinister -- besides he's already got enough problems falling for Walter Sterne, a brilliant but socially awkward grad student. Carey's friends are warning him against Walter, and even Walter isn't very encouraging.

Sometimes life really is like a box of chocolates.

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I found Slings and Arrows to be an enthralling novelette, dark, moody, and perfectly pieced together.
Obsidian Bookshelf
"Lanyon's at his best when he spices up his emotional angst with a touch of mystery, and Slings and Arrows certainly delivers. Lust takes a distant second place to infatuation, but it fits the tone of the story in a way that raging hormones just wouldn't.
Two Lips Reviews's like a pull and push, like pulling the stone and hiding the hand, sometime I wanted to knock them on the head to make them see the true, but in the end, they were so endearing and sweet.
Elisa Rolle
This book was pretty creepy and Walt didn't help matters by appearing to be cold and unfeeling, but because I like complex people I found him to be the most intriguing character in the story.
Reviews by Jessewave
Carey has a charisma about him which I found appealing. Couple that with a new found sense of responsibility and he was irresistible. What I liked most was not just the character of Carey, but rather the whole unsettlingly creepy atmosphere of the story.
Well Read
Combine Walter's social inadequacies with Carey's uncertainty and desire for Walter, and you get a slow-paced romance that is delightful to watch develop.
Joyfully Reviewed

Slings & Arrows
Sweet Spot
October 2013, JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
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In Sunshine or In Shadow
Short Stories, Volume 1
Trade paperback
June 2013, JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
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Slings & Arrows
February 2010, JCP Books
Out of print
Sweets to the Sweet
Trade paperback
By Josh Lanyon and
Jordan Castillo Price
2010, JCP Books
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