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Death of a Pirate King

Contemporary Mystery, Amateur Sleuth

Gay bookseller and reluctant amateur sleuth Adrien English's writing career is suddenly taking off. His first novel, Murder Will Out, has been optioned by notorious Hollywood actor Paul Kane.

But when murder makes an appearance at a dinner party, who should be called in but Adrien's former lover, handsome closeted detective Jake Riordan, now a Lieutenant with LAPD -- which may just drive Adrien's new boyfriend, sexy UCLA professor Guy Snowden, to commit a murder of his own.

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Death of a Pirate King is an extraordinary suspense that will hold you spellbound from page one to the end; I could not stop reading until I discovered who murdered Porter Jones. Josh Lanyon continues the story of Adrien and Jake by producing a brilliant plot that is well paced, gripping and emotional.This is an incredible story and currently my favorite of the series.
Literary Nymphs - 5 Nymphs (Golden Blush Recommended Read)
The book is a tour de force of the entire series from several perspectives: The author's eloquence is more evident here than in either of the previous books as he paints pictures of the characters so drolly with a few succinct phrases that you can see them with your mind's eye. He also has a rare talent for using humour, even on the most solemn or dangerous occasion, and he had me doubled up with laughter. In DOAPK the passion between the two protags in certain scenes is so transparent and moving. Fans will experience a full range of emotions when they read this book - from shock to pleasure to devastation and anger as well as a host of others as they ride the roller coaster with Adrien and Jake. Do I think this book is Josh Lanyon's best work to date? To use baseball parlance, he doesn't just hit this one out the park, he clears the bases. Death of a Pirate King in my opinion is deserving of more than 5 stars so I have rated it as a Desert Island Keeper (DIK) which is the highest rating on this blog.
5+ Stars from Jessewave Reviews
Lanyon spins a tangled web of secrets and deceit, murder and betrayal, his web shimmering with suspense, danger and revelations.
Not only has Lanyon topped his previous Adrien English mystery novels with Death of a Pirate King, but this release has also left the others in the dust. I admire the author's ingenuity in creating the surprising twist that draws Adrien into another murder mystery in a very believable and relevant way, leading to Adrien's involvement not only as a suspect, but also as an amateur sleuth.You ask, what about Adrien and Jake? Or Adrien and Guy? Well, I absolutely refuse to spoil or even speculate. But I will say that I was quite surprised and satisfied. In not only the resolution, but also with the path of that resolution. If you're a mystery fan who enjoyed the previous three novels, you'll love this novel, no problem. If you're just into the series for the romantic element, I say go for it, I wasn't disappointed, at all. And just so you know, I liked both Jake and Guy. So mums the word. Read the book. Highly Recommended.
Angusdevotee Reviews
Josh Lanyon provides another fine venue for Adrien to hone his sleuthing skills.  The plot is excellently drawn out keeping us thinking until the very end.  In Death of a Pirate King we get to see more growth with Jake and Adrien.  Having been apart for two years has not lessened their feelings but both men have moved on, or have they?   To find out you will need to read it.  The ending is very satisfying and I know we all look forward to the nextbook in this series.  Good to the last drop, Josh Lanyon will grab you and not let go until you have finished Death of a Pirate King.
Sensual Reviews - 5 Sizzling Stars
You will cry reading this book, especially if you are a long-held fan; you will puzzle at the mystery, you will get intensely angry at Adrien’s hurt and circumstances, and you will laugh as well. Lanyon’s gift for humor is well intact in this book, making you laugh out loud even if you felt heartbroken just seconds before, a testament to the author’s skill.
Curled Up With a Good Book - 5 Stars
It’s a roller coaster. That’s all there is to it. For me, because the emotions are so tangled and often explosive, the mystery actually suffers. I wasn’t surprised by the outcome – it felt telegraphed quite early, actually – and certain sections felt sketchy, like racing through something that had to be done in order to get to the good stuff. But the impact of the book for me rested with Adrien, not with the murder. He has come so far since the first book – harder, less patient, and yet more fragile than he’s ever been. Like blown glass, deceptively strong only to shatter with one wrong touch. I’m dying to see where he goes to next. Lanyon’s prose is leaner than it’s ever been, his characters richer, and if maybe I didn’t laugh as much in this one as I have in others, that’s purely a reaction to the emotional tempest created here. I'm invested. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.
Book Mom Utopia
And there's a very funny -- and touching -- tip of the fedora from the charming Dakota Flint here, here, here, and here.
Bravo! This is an absolutely stupendous story. Mr. Lanyon does an outstanding job creating these characters and forming a believable plot that carries out through this tale. I love a good “who done it” and this story keeps the reader guessing from the first page to the last. Set at a fast pace with lots of strong dialog, this story never dulls. Certainly not second is the relationships Adrien has, and true emotions that are related to the reader. his the fourth in Adrien English mysteries, and I for one cannot wait to see more.
Coffee Time Romance Reviews
Adrien is a very entertaining character. I particularly enjoyed his dry wit and his observations about the people around him. Adrien and Jake have a very complicated and very compelling relationship. I definitely want to know more about their past and I feel a cautious optimism for their future. I look forward to finding out where they go from here. I found this novel engrossing from beginning to end and it left me wanting more. I will be reading the previous books in the series and I hope their will be more.
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Death of a Pirate King
November 2011
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October 2013
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Narrator: Chris Patton

La mort du roi pirate
December 2, 2016,
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Translated by Julianne Nova
Morte di un re pirata
July 29, 2016,
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Translated by Clear Messina
Death of a Pirate King
Trade paperback
February 2015, Shinshokan
Translated by Aku Fuyuto

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