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Out of the Blue

Crime, Historical (World War 1) and Military

Grieving over the death of his lover, British flying ace Bat Bryant accidentally kills the man threatening him with exposure. Unfortunately there’s a witness: the big, rough American they call “Cowboy” – and Cowboy has his own price for silence.

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Out of the Blue is a fantastic historical novella. (It) snared me with the twin lures of a historical time period I rarely read about and a British hero whoís completely in control in the air, but not so much on the ground. After Josh Lanyon reeled me in with those things, his wonderful characterization and deft hand with combat scenes kept me enthralled. Anyone who enjoys historical romances should read this book! Out of the Blue definitely earns its place on that highest of keeper shelves, the sparsely populated Joyfully Recommended shelf.
Cassie for Joyfully Reviewed
Josh Lanyon is one of my favorite authors. His handling of the British characters and the one American was beautifully done.The plot was extremely well researched and listening to the men talk made me feel as though I was there. There were many important secondary characters and Mr. Lanyon completed his plot perfectly. I highly recommend Out Of The Blue.
Marcy Arbitman for JERR
Have you ever felt so immersed in a book that it seemed you were part of the action? Out of the Blue will have that effect on you. The adrenalin of the suicide flights, the courage displayed by the airmen in rescuing their comrades while under heavy fire, the firefights in the air, the drone of the aircraft, the crashes as planes went down in flames with their pilots still shooting at the enemy, the camaraderie among the pilots - the action was all too exciting at times!! This is such a wonderful story that you will read it again and again and again.
Wave for Reviews by Jessewave
Beautifully written and action packed, this tale has gone straight to the keeper shelf. This author has taken a subject that I would normally have minimal interest in and made it riveting and provocative. The story here was lyrical, expressive, captivating in a way that very few ever manage. One of the few authors who have gotten exponentially better with every story. Out of the Blue is a book that must be added to the top of every reader's TBR list. Very well done!
Emerald Jaguar for To Say Nothing of the Kitteh
An absolutely magic read that delivered several hours of deliciously good reading. Smart, hot and clever with beautiful historical detail and attention to the time period, which left me wanting more.
Sarah for Rain on Roof
Compelling and well-told. I heartily recommend Out of the Blue.
Mark Probst for Speak its Name

Out of the Blue
September 2012
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September 2012
JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
Narrated by Alexander Masters
Sbucato dal nulla
January 2015, Triskell Edizioni
August 2009, Liquid Silver
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Also appeared in
Esprit de Corps
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October 2009, MLR Press

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