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Other People's Weddings

Contemporary Romance, Suspense, Fantasy

Josh joins former Partner in Crime Jordan Castillo Price for a delicious new series: Petit Morts. A fresh batch of poisonous little romances coming your way every few months. Valentine's Day themed stories from Josh include "Other People's Weddings" and "Slings and Arrows".

In "Other People's Weddings," wedding planner Griffin Skerry isn't sure what's up.

Planning wealthy socialite Mallory Dalrymple's wedding is the coup of the year -- maybe of Griffin's entire career. If only Mallory wasn't marrying Griffin's ex. And if only Joe wasn't messing with Griffin's mind by sending all these mixed signals.

Of course, it could always be worse -- and before long, it is.

Much worse.

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I enjoyed this story because I thought the characters were a wonderful and varied collection of people, from Mallory the bridezilla and her ugly family, to Griff a nice man who was just trying to make a living in a tough profession.
Reviews by Jessewave
The story had a strong element of farcical humour running through it which I enjoyed and I also liked the slightly effeminate but mentally strong Griffin who wryly acknowledges that his job makes him a bit of a walking cliché too.
Well Read Reviews
I found Other People's Weddings an absorbing read, and the further I read, the better the story got.
Obsidian Bookshelf
Other People's Weddings is a fun glimpse into a crazy industry, fraught with drama and danger ñ most of it coming from the bridzillas-to-be. The dash of mystery, a Lanyon staple, is equally engaging, with a plot twist that is truly... twisted.
Two Lips Reviews
Other People's Weddings is a lighthearted story with a few twists and turns.
Joyfully Reviewed

Other People's Weddings
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Other People's Weddings
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