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Old Poison

Book #2 in the Dangerous Ground series
Contemporary, Action-Adventure, Law Enforcement

Happy Birthday, Taylor! Taylor has pretty well recovered from his shooting, but not everyone is happy to see him reach his next birthday. Does a cobra pickled in a bottle of wine means someone cares enough to send the very death -- best?

Followed by Blood Heat.

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Dangerous Ground 2: Old Poison is a story of love, revenge, ties to the past, being haunted by one's past, and being able to move on. The story is also about different kinds of relationships - friendships, work relationships, and the kind of relationships that develop into something more. Time well spent in reading this novella!
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The characterizations are, as usual, flawless. The prose and dialogue are exceptional, with smart and snappy repartee between our two protagonists interspersed during the action sequences. The race to the finish and the end will leave you breathless. Taylor has to bring all of his skills into play to try and head off becoming a statistic. If you loved Taylor and Will in Dangerous Ground you won't be able to get enough of them in Old Poison. The question you had about their relationship: i.e. are they really in it for the long haul, is answered resoundingly. This is a wonderful sequel and I would urge you to snap it up. A fun read and highly recommended!
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Lanyon, as usual, handles this evolution in a deft and realistic manner. In spite of the close ties between the books, Old Poison can be read as a stand-alone novel, although I'd strongly recommend reading Dangerous Ground as well -- not only to deepen your enjoyment of Old Poison, but because it's a darned good read. I'll be hoping for more from Will and Taylor, and I suspect that after reading Old Poison, you will, too.
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I was so happy to see that Taylor and Will were back for another adventure. Josh Lanyon is one of my favorite authors; his storytelling, his characters and the situations in which they find themselves are all gripping, intriguing and downright suspenseful. Putting down any of his books is very difficult and in Old Poison, Mr. Lanyon has done it again. I sped through this second installment in (this) series and, in many ways, I found it even more tension-filled than the first book. If you haven't read either of Josh Lanyon's Dangerous Ground books, what are you waiting for? Action, adventure, steamy sex and sizzling romance -- what's not to like?
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Taylor and Will are fantastic together but Taylor feels he has more invested in the relationship. Will's assurances mean nothing to him until the end. Josh Lanyon keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end, making you want to turn the pages to see what will happen next. A talented author, Josh Lanyon has repertoire of characters that delight and enchant the reader, leaving us anxiously waiting for more.
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Old Poison
November 2011
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Antico Veleno
July 2014
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Translated into Italian
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