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Yes, we're halfway through the year with not a lot to show for it, but there's plenty of good stuff still to come.

Next up is Blind Side, book six in the Dangerous Ground series. Then we'll be finishing up Murder Takes the High Road for Carina Press (please note however, this standalone cozy mystery novel will not be available until 2018). Next comes The Ghost Had an Early Check-Out, the long-anticipated sequel to The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks. And we'll be finishing up the year with In Other Words...Murder, the fourth book in the Holmes & Moriarity series.

Oh! And somewhere along the way, we'll finish work on Writing Killer M/M Mystery and Suspense, a How To for all you aspiring mystery and crime writers out there.


Josh will be appearing LIVE! IN PERSON! at Bouchercon in Toronto, Canada this October. If you're in the vicinity, drop by and say helloooo!


We're a little behind with news on the translation front, so here's a quick catch-up.

Thai rights for the first four books Holmes & Moriarity series have been sold to The Reading Room, a publisher which specializes in Male/Male romance.

Thai rights for Fair Game have been sold to Kaewkarn Publishing.

Thai rights for Fatal Shadows have been sold to Jamsai Publishing Co,. Ltd (Or did we already say that?)

Shinshokan in Japan has purchased translation rights to Fair Play and the short story "Night Watch" appeared in their magazine last month-ish.

Italian rights for So This is Christmas (Adrien English #6 or #7 -- depending on whether you count Stranger Things Have Happened, the Choose Your Own Adventure, book or not) have been sold to Triskell Edizioni -- and JustJoshin Publishing have contracted with Triskell to do the translation of The Monet Murders as well.

Josh's French publisher MxM Bookmark, who published Maree Noir (the French translation of The Dark Tide) have contracted So This is Christmas. MxM Bookmark have also contracted rights for the Adrien English Stranger Things Have Happened book and The Ghost Had an Early Check-Out (the sequel to The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks).

And finally some good news for German readers! The German publisher Dead Soft picked up rights to the now defunct Incubus Verlag's edition of The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks, so that title is available once more.


It's been a slow year for audio, you're right, but we hope to fix that shortly.

Derrick McClain's narration of Point Blank, the Dangerous Ground box series, should be available in August -- it's all recorded, we just have to have time to listen!

Still to come this year is Kale Williams narrating The Monet Murders. That should be available sometime in September.

But after that...well, what else would you like to see in audio that hasn't yet been recorded? There isn't a whole lot left! So This is Christmas is still sitting on the shelf while we hunt for a suitable new narrator, but beyond that? Drop us a line and let us know what you're dying to listen to from Josh's backlist.


Ever conscious of the fact that some of you just prefer to read print -- period -- the following titles are or will soon be available in print this year:

Boy Meets Body, Volume I -- Includes "Cards on the Table," "Mummy Dearest," " Don't Look Back" and "Kick Start."

Boy Meets Body, Volume II -- Includes "Lovers and Other Strangers," "Ghost of a Chance," "A Vintage Affair" and "Blood-Red Butterfly."

If Only in My Dreams: Christmas Stories Volume I --Josh's holiday novellas to date, including "Icecapade," "Baby, It's Cold," "The Dickens with Love," "A Case of Christmas" and "Lone Star." We plan to release this in November in time for the holidays.

And, of course, the autumn should see the print, audio and digital release of The Ghost Had an Early Check-Out (the sequel to The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks) as well as In Other Words...Murder (fourth book in the Holmes & Moriarity series).

For those of you who have asked (and asked) Carina Press does NOT have plans to put Fair Play into print. Yes, it is really frustrating the first and last book in the All's Fair Trilogy went to print but not the second book -- we hear you, but this is really out of our hands. We're just as disappointed as you. Truly.


Finally! The Monet Murders, the long-awaited second book in the Art of Murder series, is now available wherever fine ebooks are sold, with the print version due out soon.

Unfortunately, if you were one of the faithful who pre-ordered The Monet Murders through Amazon, there's a chance you've downloaded an incomplete version of the book to your Kindle, due to a technical glitch. We sincerely apologize for this, and if you want to learn more about how such a thing could have happened, you can read about it on Josh's blog.

To get the complete and final edition of the book, please go to your Amazon account. Click on Manage Your Content and Devices. Scroll down to The Monet Murders. You should see a button that reads Update Available. Click that.


Grab some popcorn and a Coke. Josh is now a... filmmaker?
Well, not really, but lately she's been goofing around with a couple of small promo videos all on her own. Check it out!
(For best results, right click to "Full Screen" before playing)


Josh concurs with the Marvelettes -- there are plenty of fish in the sea. In fact, her brand new short story, "Plenty of Fish," deals with just that issue.

Finn loves Blair. And Blair loves Finn too, but he's not in love with him. How can you be in love with someone you've known your entire life? Shouldn't in love feel...different? Newer. Bigger. More... exciting?

Sure, maybe Blair is too romantic -- but wasn't Finn the one who always said there were plenty of fish in the sea?


Josh is holding her first (and possibly last!) sale of novel-length ebooks.

The following digital titles are half-price from March 26th until April 2nd on all major vendors:


Yep, the reviews for Fair Chance, the third book in the All Fair series, are starting to trickle in, and folks seem to be liking it. There been big thumbs up from RT Book Reviews, Library Journal, All About Romance, Gay Book Reviews and more. But judge for yourself -- the book is now available in digital, print and audio wherever cool books are sold.


We're putting together some new and very cost effective digital collections of Josh's oldest backlist titles. These collections are listed at about half of what you would pay purchasing the titles individually, and should all be available soon!

I Spy...Three Novellas (The Complete I Spy Series)

Point Blank (Five Dangerous Ground novellas)

Dark Horse, White Knight (Two Novellas)


It's okay. We love print too. And we do our best to put everything we hold print rights to into paperback.

The Curse of the Blue Scarab is now available in print.

And here are the print titles you can look forward to in 2017

All I Want for Christmas (combines the digital holiday coda collections Merry Christmas, Darling and Christmas Waltz)

So This is Christmas (The Adrien English Mysteries 7)

The Monet Murders (The Art of Murder 2)

The Ghost Had an Early Check-Out (the sequel to The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks)


(or so the Tom Waits song goes...)

Some very exciting news from my Japanese publisher, Tuttle-Mori:

"As you may know, M/M romance is categorized as "BL" (meaning Boys' Love) in Japan.

In the annual best BL novel list (there is also a comic category), Fatal Shadows has entered at #5, which is the first and only title ever which got the entry on this list by the foreign author!

The list is organized and announced in Kono BL ga Yabai, an annual magazine whose title translates as 'This BL is Terribly Cool.'"

We think it's terribly cool too! Josh is thrilled to share this great honor with her wonderful translator, Aki Fuyoto, and the talented illustrator who did those great covers!


Well, nothing yet. But here's what's coming beginning late January:

The Curse of the Blue Scarab, narrated by Alexander Masters

Murder Between the Pages, narrated by Kale Williams

So This is Christmas (Adrien English 6/7), narrated by Chris Patton

Fair Chance (All's Fair 2), narrated by JF Harding

The Monet Murders (The Art of Murder 2), narrated by Kale Williams

Happy New Year!

Here's wishing you all the best in 2017. May you never run out of wonderful stories to enjoy.AE7 (or AE6 if you don't want to count the CYOA book) So This is Christmas (which actually takes place AFTER Christmas) is now available for pre-order through Amazon. Enough said. (Uh huh.) Launch date is set for December 29th (which is also, uh, AFTER Christmas). Hopefully we'll be starting the New Year right!



Yeah, you heard me. Josh invites all you Fanyons out there to head on over to to check out a wide array of nifty porcelain mugs, featuring art lifted from the various works of one J. Lanyon, Esquire.


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Josh has had to concede defeat and admit there is just no keeping up with email anymore. Therefore we welcome the lovely Eve Little, Josh's new virtual assistant to the team. Eve will be handling bulk of the correspondance that comes in, particularly questions related to what's coming next, what's available now, pricing, is Josh going to write another Adrien book, etc. Josh will still see and respond to many, maybe even most, reader letters, but we don't want you to be startled when you see Eve's name pop up in your correspondance.

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