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Lovers and Other Strangers

Contemporary Mystery, Romantic Suspense

Recovering from a near fatal accident, artist Finn Barret returns to Seal Island in Maine to rest and recuperate. But Seal Island is haunted with memories, some sweet, some sad; three years ago Finn found his lover in the arms of Fitch, Finn's twin brother. Since that day, Finn has seen neither Conlan nor Fitch. In fact, no one has seen Fitch.

What happened to him? Did Fitch run away, as everyone believes? Or did he meet a more sinister fate? To put the past to rest - and see if there's any chance of a future with Con - Finn must discover the truth. But the deeper he digs, the more reason he has to fear Con is the only one who knows what truly happened to Fitch...

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I loved the way the story started out with vivid descriptions of color and light and ambiance. The writing here was lyrically lovely and very textured, almost touchable. Everything was lush and brilliantly picturesque.
Overall, the gracefully alluring phrasing here completely sucked me in and turned Lovers and Other Strangers into a magical read that will be front and center on my keeper self. Can't wait for the print version of this. And I *really* like that title. Makes me giggle. MUST READ THIS BOOK!!
Emerald Jaguar for Morrigan Ezine
Lovers and Other Strangers was such a pleasure to read. In his usual sparse style this sad tale of sibling rivalry and love was beautifully told by Lanyon and leaves you thinking. Which is fine unless you're stuck being a bit snively at all hours of the night.
Rain on the Roof Reviews
It's been a little while (about 6 months) but Josh Lanyon has finally returned to writing what he writes best: A cracking good mystery. This is more than just a mystery though, it is also a love story about how a small betrayal can lead to a change that is perhaps for the better. The novella reminded me very much of PD James, one of my favourite mystery authors, with its claustrophobic, insular island setting; the fact that the list of suspects was pitifully small, but that it was also horrifying that anyone of those would commit murder; and one man who strives for justice when all those around him are advising caution. However, this is very much a Josh Lanyon book with his trademark sparse writing, his complex characters and a mystery which keeps you guessing right through to the end. I highly recommend that you read this if you are looking for a short book which will set you on a satisfying intellectual and emotional journey. It gets a grade of 'Excellent'.
Jenre for Well Read Reviews
I was drawn in from the first sentence of this story by the author's descriptions of the island and its inhabitants. The images Finn evokes when he describes how he would paint certain scenes are lovely and offer unique insight into his character. As I read, I saw the stark isolation of the island and the sense of loneliness that it brings with it. This loneliness and emptiness are mirrored in Finn very effectively. I found Lovers and Other Strangers by Josh Lanyon to be an extremely interesting read.
Christina for Romance Junkies
What captivated me was the descriptive and eloquent prose throughout the book which was stunningly beautiful, like bursts of dense colour saturating a canvas bristling with life. It made me feel that I was there on Seal Island with Finn, "inhaling the salt air, the briny wind whipping off the ocean stung his face.... the smell of wood smoke... cries of the gulls, slap of the waves... " This is a well plotted mystery with lots of danger and sufficient false clues sprinkled throughout to throw off mystery buffs. This book contains some of the most lyrical and poignant prose I have read. The author seemed inspired when he described the colours that drenched the story, which cried out for a paintbrush and canvas to bring its hues to life. One of Lanyon's best and highly recommended!
Wave for JesseWave Reviews

Lovers and Other Strangers
2011, JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
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