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Just Desserts

Contemporary Romance, Suspense, Fantasy

The final batch of Petit Morts concludes with stories by Clare London, Sean Kennedy, Jordan Castillo Price and, of course, Josh. Finally readers will know who -- or what? --Chance really is!

Broken in body and crippled in spirit, Ridge Baneberry sees death as the only way out in Josh's contribution, the aptly titled Just Desserts. Not his own death, of course -- but the death of his obnoxious cousin, Raleigh, the one who was responsible for the accident. It's not easy plotting the perfect murder from his wheelchair, but when Raleigh's body is eventually found, who's going to suspect a cripple? Ridge might not be able to get around so easily, but if there's one thing he has, it's time.

Then a painfully cheerful physical therapist named Tug shows up at his front door with an appointment book and an agenda. Tug's personality is equal measures of patience, optimism, and warm Georgia sunshine.

Since this Tug person won't take no for an answer, Raleigh decides he might as well put him to good use. Almond candy would be the perfect camouflage for a lethal dose of cyanide, and Tug knows just where some gourmet chocolates can be found...

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While I've enjoyed all of Josh Lanyon's Petit Morts contributions so far, I believe he's surpassed himself with his final offering. Just Desserts is as good an example of how to make the novelette form work as you're likely to find anywhere, providing a deliciously complex protagonist, a touching romance and an ending that widens the scope of the story to something much more profound.
Ruby for Brief Encounters
I was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying this book because initially I found the characters unlikeable and the story very dark, but the MCs evolved in ways I didn't anticipate. I always expect this author's characters to be flawed and I wasn't disappointed but if there's one trait that Josh Lanyon possesses it's his ability to make his characters change in unexpected ways by introducing different elements, and Tug proved to be the variable that Ridge needed to turn his life around. If you're looking for a story with a few twists that make it stand out from the crowd I think Just Desserts might be just what you need. Definitely recommended.
Wave for Jessewave Reviews
Just Desserts is a tale of dark poignancy. Ridge has it pretty bad, but his self-deprecating attitude makes it worse. Ironically, when he's at his lowest point, the tide shows change in Ridge's favor. Tug and Ridge have a tangled past that Ridge doesn't remember and Tug can't forget. I like out-of-the-box stories. Just Desserts has some hope, some dark, and a little twisted thrown in for good measure.
Nanette for Joyfully Reviewed

Just Desserts
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October 2013
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In Sunshine or In Shadow
Short Stories, Volume 1
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