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In Sunshine or in Shadow

Short Stories, Volume One

A print reader's delight. Thirteen short stories, five never before collected in print, written between 2007 and 2013. Sexy, sweet, and occasionally strange, these brief but emotionally powerful stories encapsulate everything readers of Male Male romance have come to love most about Josh Lanyon's work.

The collection includes the five Petit Mort stories written for JCP Books: "Slings and Arrows," "Other People's Weddings," "Sort of Stranger Than Fiction," "Critic's Choice" and "Just Desserts."

Arranged to flow thematically and stylistically are "Perfect Day," "A Limited Engagement," "In Sunshine or In Shadow," a lightly rewritten version of "The French Have a Word for It," "In a Dark Wood," "Until We Meet Once More," "Heart Trouble" and the new and exclusive "In Plain Sight."

In Sunshine or In Shadow
Short Stories, Volume 1
Trade paperback
June 2013
JustJoshin Publishing Inc.

October 2013
JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
Narrated by Adam Chase,
Rob Granniss, Michael Oaks
and JM Badger

Copyright 2000-18, Josh Lanyon.
All rights reserved.