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"Heart Trouble"

Contemporary, Short story

Stress kills. So does loneliness.

A very short, very sweet story by Josh Lanyon.

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If you like short, sweet stories with the possibility of a happy ending, if you enjoy a guy in need being rescued by a savior in a white coat (rather than a true suit of armor), and if you need a message of hope, you will probably like this (much too short) story
Rainbow Book Reviews
Heart Trouble is a cute, very quick read with the ending a hopeful beginning to a romance between an ER doctor and his temporary patient, and maybe some changes for said patient, Ford. Lanyon packs in emotion, a flawed narrator, enough information for us to understand some of what is going on, and a touch of humor in the very small space.
Reviews by Jessewave

"Heart Trouble"
October 2012
JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
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In Sunshine or In Shadow
Short Stories, Volume 1
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