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Green Glass Beads

Novella, Urban Fantasy, Shared World

Josh joins award-winning fantasy authors Ginn Hale, Nicole Kimberling and Astrid Amara for The Irregulars, an anthology of stories about a unique and secret international law enforcement agency.

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Have you ever struggled to describe how a story impacted you, knowing that your words won't do it justice? Well, imagine four such stories in one anthology and you will understand my dilemma.
Irregulars has such unusual flawed characters whose personalities are so strange and complex you will wonder what it is about them that draws you into their world, but once there you don't want to ever leave. I'm going out on a limb here by saying that this book sets such an exceedingly high bar it will be almost impossible for other stories to top it, fantasy or contemporary, and I tip my hat to the authors who wrote such incredibly intense, action-filled and imaginative stories that I got a rush when I finished this anthology and started reading it all over again. The world of the Irregulars is like freshly mowed grass -- sweet smelling but with a hint of decay under the beautiful smooth layers on the top, and if you explore further you might find unexpected creepy crawlies, many of which are deadly.
Fantasy was the first genre I read growing up and Lanyon, Hale, Kimberling and Amara demonstrated in Irregulars that they could compete with any authors of the genre and best a lot of them. I was amazed by the breadth of their skill and creativity in weaving such amazing tales in their shared world.
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Just a brief note before you begin reading the individual reviews of the stories from the anthology, Irregulars. This is a stunning collection of stories that carry us into a fantasy world complete with mythical creatures, fascinating humans, and sweet romance. Literally, this book has it all. Impeccable writing, devilishly good story telling, and some wry humor that would make the most stern amongst us chuckle. The creative talents housed within these pages have prepared a feast for the imagination! I invite you in to their remarkable world, kick back, pull up a chair and escape for just a short while into the delightful world of the Irregulars! I promise you will never want to leave!
Sammy for Joyfully Jay Reviews
This was a thoroughly impressive collection of stories, a true collaboration in every single sense of the word. All four novellas tied together beautifully to make for one wildly entertaining read.
The Novel Approach
This is how anthologies should be, great quality, riveting stories and unforgettable characters, all the necessary characteristics to give the reader that great feeling of having read a truly wonderful book. The stories are all about the world and the investigation and not so much about the romance, but the most important part, the character development, is present in every single one of them. They all stand alone and have clear endings, but to experience the book at its best you should see them as a whole novel instead of as four independent novellas.
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