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Fair Game

Contemporary Mystery, Thriller
Followed by Fair Play

A crippling knee injury forced Elliot Mills to trade in his FBI badge for dusty chalkboards and bored college students. Now a history professor at Puget Sound University, the former agent has put his old life behind him -- but it seems his old life isn't finished with him.

A young man has gone missing from campus -- and as a favor to a family friend, Elliot agrees to do a little sniffing around. His investigations bring him face-to-face with his former lover, Tucker Lance, the special agent handling the case.

Things ended badly with Tucker, and neither man is ready to back down on the fight that drove them apart. But they have to figure out a way to move beyond their past and work together as more men go missing and Elliot becomes the target in a killer's obsessive game...

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While I do masochistically enjoy the angsty romantic hell Josh Lanyon usually puts me through while reading his books, Fair Game has a little less gut wrenching heartache than his norm, and I loved it just as much. Lanyon has the expert ability to write realistic, suspenseful tales. Countless times throughout Fair Game I found myself pegging the villain only to realize I was mistaken yet again. The plot is not contrived or obtrusive, and it kept me riveted to each intriguing page. Fair Game is a novel of suspense with well-penned eroticism. Itís the next great story in Josh Lanyonís arsenal of well-written gay suspense novels.
A Joyfully Recommended Read from Nannette at Joyfully Reviewed
I have been a Josh Lanyon fan for about three years and the reason is simple. He is a good writer, has good plots and develops realistic characters. Fair Game ranks with the best he has written. As can be expected from a Josh Lanyon story, his plot is well planned with lots of action. He uses a college setting which is beautifully detailed and allows the author to include some of his own opinions about academia. But as we have become used to in Lanyon stories, something is going to happen. And when it does we not only get a mystery but we get a look at a relationship which gives us much suspense as the mystery does.
Amos Lassen for
In Fair Game there is an exquisite build up of tension; it comes upon the reader quietly and almost gently and before I knew it I was on the edge of my seat. And it's not only the mystery of the missing student but the whole story of what happened between Elliot and Tucker. And I will state now that that didn't go at all as I had thought it would.For fans of Josh Lanyon, Fair Game is one more winning book in a rather exceptional line-up. For those new to either Mr. Lanyon's work or the M/M romance genre, then Fair Game is an excellent starting point.
Kathy K for Ebook Addict Reviews
I was immediately drawn into the story by the quality of the writing and by (the) characterization of Eliot. I know hím not his type, but I found him immensely attractive. He has a dry, self-deprecating sense of humor and a healthy level of self-awareness. This book has been described as a stand-alone, I believe, but I would happily read more about Elliot's adventures at PSU and Tucker's at the FBI, and of course the ups and downs of their relationship. Failing that, I'm off to immerse myself in your extensive backlist.
A Recommended Read from Sunita at Dear Author
... a finely crafted mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end who the killer is, but most important, if Elliot and Tucker will live happily ever after. Mr. Lanyon's characters are exceptionally well-developed, realistic, and three dimensional. Fair Game... is a delightful mix of mystery, love, and humor. This is my first Josh Lanyon book but I can guarantee it will not be my last.
Rosemary for Whipped Cream
The passion between the two men was hot and sexy, I rooted for the two to get back together and held my breath that they could beat the killer at his own game. This one is definitely a keeper and I would highly recommend it to those who like a suspenseful murder mystery with a dash of love story thrown in.
A Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews
This was an excellent read. The story is multi-faceted, focusing on family ties, mystery and lost love. The mystery that evolves keeps you guessing'who did itî until the very end. The tone of the story was serious with many lighthearted and emotional touches that made it impossible not to feel something for most of the characters, especially Elliot and Tucker. Love in all of its forms is something that should be expressed and developed, and watching the way that Josh Lanyon addresses the emotional barriers -- the hurts and disappointments, the fear and hope -- makes this romantic mystery not just another gay love story, but a snapshot of the eternal quest to find love and be loved in return.
Monica for
This is a very well written mystery that also offers a sweet/tough (depending on how you wish to look at it) romance between Elliot and Tucker. As I said, I read the book in one sitting, which in and of itself is an indicator that I really enjoyed the book. I would definitely recommend this book anyone looking for m/m or a good mystery.
Culinary Carnivale blog
This was super interesting book that was so enjoyable and emotionally charged it changed the way I look at M/M focused books.
Nicole Romance Books Forum
A well-written thriller with wonderfully masculine gay characters who somehow bring out the best and worst in each other. The character arcs are as solid as the plot and I couldnít put it down until I found out who the killer was at the end. At different points in the story, I thought I knew his/her identity only to be proven wrong. Thereís some sex, but itís in context with the story and rounds out the characters. Great writing.
Monica Leigh for Paperback Dolls
What I especially liked about Lanyon's writing is that each character has its own distinctive voice and personality. When reading e-books I often notice that characters 'talk' or 'speak' in the same manner as all the other characters. While in real life, everyone has their own little speech characteristics or certain words to describe situations and objects. Lanyon pays attention to this little detail so that the host of support cast in this story are really their own person, so to speak, and not just one of the characters.
Rarely Dusty Books
The passion between the two men was hot and sexy, I rooted for the two to get back together and held my breath that they could beat the killer at his own game. This one is definitely a keeper and I would highly recommend it to those who like a suspenseful murder mystery with a dash of love story thrown in.
Night Owl Erotica



As a special treat, Josh \created a special iTunes iMix playlist of the music that fed the muse during the writing of Fair Game. Unfortunately, Apple has since discontinued that feature, but you can stilld view the songs and download the CD Jewel Box insert here.

Fair Game
November 2010, Carina Press
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Fair Game
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Translated into Japanese
by Aki Doo Winter
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