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Don't Look Back

Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

He was chuckling, a deep, sexy sound as he pushed Peter back on the satiny cushions. Was this for real? Was he going to go through with it? Peter blinked up as his tie was unfastened, tossed aside, his shirt unbuttoned, laid wide. The evening breeze -- scented of smog and jasmine -- felt cool against his overheated skin, like the lightest breath.

Peter Killian, curator at Constantine House in Los Angeles, wakes in the hospital to find himself accused of stealing a Tenth Century Chinese sculpture. Peter knows he’s not a thief -- but that’s all he knows. Why is hot and handsome Detective Mike Griffin so sure he’s guilty -- and so bent on seeing Peter arrested?

And why is Peter having these weird dreams about an unseen lover who somehow reminds him uncomfortably of Michael Griffin?

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Mystery, danger, an apparently single-minded detective, an amnesiac witness, and a healthy dose of eroticism -- who could mix all these elements so well into a divine cocktail of a story but Josh Lanyon? Don't Look Back is the reason I fell head over heels for Mr. Lanyon's work. It's exciting, sensual, gripping, and highly entertaining; in other words, everything a story should be.
Shayna for Joyfully Reviewed - A Joyfully Recommended Read
I'm a big fan of some of Josh Lanyon's quieter, less outwardly humourous mysteries, such as Cards on the Table and Ghost of a Chance and this book can be compared favourably to those. I liked Peter and my heart ached for his situation and the confusion and helplessness he feels. I was cheering him on all the way through his period of self-discovery and subsequent re-evaluation of some of the decisions he has made in his life. Whilst the mystery elements were all present and correct, this book is really about one man's battle with himself; a battle I was all too happy to witness. So if you're looking for flashy dialogue and Josh Lanyon's trademark wit, you may need to go elsewhere than this book as any humour within Don't Look Back is of the wry, self effacing sort. I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery which gains a grade of 'Excellent', and am happy to add this novella to the growing list of Josh Lanyon's books that I will re-read when I'm in the mood for something emotionally satisfying.
Well Read Reviews
As usual, Josh's writing is tight and spare and masterful, and one of the things that struck me was the quiet, somber tone and gentle pace of the story. I highly recommend this wonderful, well-written tale of a man trying to regain his memory — and life — to Fanyons and Josh newbies alike. This one goes into my keeper file as I’ll be revisiting Peter in the future.
Reviews by Jessewave 
Nuances of gestures and dialogue are two things Josh Lanyon does as well or better than anyone. He builds the characters in a way that keeps us from being sure what direction he'll take us. If his books had a soundtrack behind it we'd be sitting waiting for that noise that indicates bad things are coming. There's great eroticism blended well into any Josh Lanyon book. This one is no exception as dreams lead into some powerful and intense sexual activity. Lanyon remains at the top of my list for great storytelling with a thrilling finale.
The Romance Studio
As is usual for Mr. Lanyon, he’s created a gripping story filled with intriguing characters, interesting interpersonal connections and a pace that keeps you moving anxiously from page to page. I freely admit I loved the amnesia angle of the story and how Peter slowly recovered bits and pieces of his memory. There might not be any murders in this tightly written novella, but there are plenty of other things to keep you guessing on what’s going to happen next: intrigue, self-discovery, betrayal, deceit, love, passion, desire, and several unsuccessful attempts on Peter’s life.
Literary Nymphs
From the first chapter, I was hooked on the whole amnesia aspect and how strange it would be to not remember some things but have total recall of other events. Peter's frustration and confusion were perfectly divulged as the circumstantial evidence slowly piled up against him. His close friends, Roma and Jessica, create a perfect backdrop for his home life. The plot was meted out in exact portions that kept the reader in suspense until it all came together in a stunning conclusion. Mr. Lanyon certainly knows how to write a love story wrapped in a mystery.
You Gotta Read Reviews
Another compelling tale by Josh Lanyon.
Sensual Erotic Romance & Erotica
Josh Lanyon's Don't Look Back is well-written and involving suspense that will draw readers into the story from the very first page. Whenever I pick up a book by Mr. Lanyon, I expect to be entertained with an absorbing story and memorable characters, and this does not disappoint in the least bit. It kept me involved in the mystery, captured by the suspense and intrigued by the interpersonal dynamics between the characters.
BD Whitney Book Wenches Reviews
An excellent and engaging read.
Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews
While my focus was mainly on the romance of the story, I often find myself noting stylistic features. Although far from being an expert on the subject I know what I like. I enjoy Josh Lanyon's writing because there is a certain sensibility about it. Sparse, well paced , with a leanness that makes you feel like no word is wasted. An absolute breath of fresh air. Don't Look Back was a pleasure to read, another wonderful story from one of my favorite authors.
Rain on the Roof Reviews
Don't Look Back has a drier, wry humor element but itís gentle pace will pull readers into the story. It is a tightly written, masterfully plotted, quiet and somber toned story from an author who has become an autobuy.
Night Owl Romance
The Romance Reviews


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Don't Look Back

June 2012, JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
Barnes & Noble
April 2014, JustJoshin
Narrated by Graham Halstead
Trade paperback
(Japanese edition)
October 2013, Monochrome Romance
October 2013, Monochrome Romance
July 2009, Loose id
No longer available
Also appeared in
Commited to Memory: Partners in Crime V
Trade paperback
November 2009, MLR Press
No longer available

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