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Dark Horse, White Knight

The first two books in the Dark Horse series,
presented together in print and digitally for the first time.
Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

The Dark Horse

Paul Hammond is dead. That’s what tough and sexy LAPD Detective Daniel Moran tells his lover, Hollywood actor Sean Fairchild—and Sean wants to believe him, but what about those threatening postcards in Hammond’s handwriting? What about the fact that he’s seeing Hammond everywhere he goes? Yes, Sean’s had some emotional problems in the past, but that was a long time ago and he’s not imagining things, so why is Dan looking at him that way?

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The White Knight

It’s a Hollywood cliché: the hot and handsome bodyguard. But in the case of LAPD Detective Daniel Moran, it’s all true. Dan is everything Sean ever wanted in a leading man, but Dan’s kind of an old-fashioned guy. It’s his job to keep Sean safe and in one piece -- happy is someone else’s problem.

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... an absolutely riveting suspense tale, by far one of the best this reviewer can remember. Rich in depth of characterization with a twisty plot that keeps the reader guessing, this book is truly marvelous. The m/m intimacy is woven into the story and is somewhat explicit, but is never belaboured. It is couched in the emotional attraction between Dan and Sean. Author Josh Lanyon carefully explores the background of Sean's psychological issues and brings the characters to life in a way so vivid that the reader will feel as if he is watching the story unfold rather than simply reading it in a book.... a most excellent novel and deserving of highest praise."
The Romance Studio - 5 Hearts on The Dark Horse
Mr. Lanyon has woven an intriguing tale supported by engaging characters and a well-written plot. This is most definitely a top notch story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.
Literary Nymph Reviews - 5 Nymphs on The Dark Horse
Josh Lanyon’s ability to create realistic, loveable characters is superb.  You can’t help but root for a happy ending as they try to resolve their differences.  The realistic, believable plot unfolds uniquely, enhancing the reading and making for another memorable tale.
Sensual Erotic Romance & Erotica Reviews on The White Knight
This prequel/sequel to Lanyon's The Dark Horse that first featured Sean and Dan is what Josh Lanyon's fans have been waiting for. Sean's voice is so rich with emotion and you can't help but want to give him a big hug because he is much like a scared little boy who wants love and is afraid to ask. Dan is there to be Sean's support, but also wants Sean to grow up and act like adult. These two have a nice balance with one another. The love scenes with Sean and Dan are lovely and their relationship is everything you would want between two people who are in love and care for one another so deeply. The White Knight is one read that shouldn't pass you by.
Fallen Angels Review on The White Knight

Dark Horse, White Knight
Trade Paperback
May 2015
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January 2017
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November 2015
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Narrated by Derrick McClain

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