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If there's one thing film critic Crispin Colley can say about his ex-boyfriend Rey, it's that Rey likes to remain friends with all his former lovers. Rey's a friendly guy. Maybe too friendly, judging by the incident that drove the first and last nail in the coffin of their relationship.

But now Rey's been hired for a DVD commentary on a classic horror flick. In typical Rey-fashion, he's used his clout as a lauded director to win Cris a spot on the commentary right beside the star of the film, his idol, Angelo Faust.

The recording of the commentary goes about as smoothly as a half-decayed film through a stuttering projector -- but that's nothing compared to the strange scene that unfolds once the tape's done rolling.

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The juxtaposition of light and clever with poignant and serious is ever-present and expertly handled.
Sunita for Dear Author
Overall this was a great read, there was humour, there was pathos, chuckles and sniffles. (Yes, I'm a sap.) Fans of old horror movies, will appreciate the hallmarks of those movies coming to life for the guys and giving the reader a creepy ride along with them to their happy ending.
Tam for Brief Encounters
Another gem in this series, Critic's Choice should be your choice for a fantastic read.
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Critic's Choice
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