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Blood Red Butterfly

Contemporary, crime/yaoi-hybrid

Despite falling in love with aloof manga artist Kai Tashiro, Homicide Detective Ryo Miller is determined to break the alibi Kai is supplying his murderous boyfriend--even if it means breaking Kai with it.

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His prose and dialogue are delightful and his characters are always three dimensional which is the case here. The difference between a JL novella and someone else’s most of the time is that every aspect of his books is well crafted and the MCs do what they are supposed to do – entertain the reader and keep him or her guessing until the very last page of a mystery, also the endings never seem to be rushed.
Definitely recommended.
Reviews by Jessewave
I have had the honour of reading this novella by Josh prior to its release and with the full disclaimer of professing my deep, abiding affection and worship for Josh’s writing, I wanted to jot down a few praises for this book.
The suspense in this novella is tight and the reader is taken on a short, sweet ride through murder and intrigue, culminating with an action sequence most Hollywood films would envy.
Fantastic read. Good pacing. Great characters. Grab the book when it comes out and spend a day with Lanyon. You won’t regret it.
Rhys Ford
What Lanyon is able to communicate in so few words in this novella is amazing. (It always is.) The main characters are memorable, the world-building wonderful, the suspense tight and satisfying as he crafts a tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats while he ratchets up the suspense with crisp but visually descriptive writing to a breath-holding, movie-like conclusion.
I rooted for Ryo and Kai throughout this well-paced, beautifully written story. I’m looking forward to the reread because Josh Lanyon has given us a fascinating new world in which to immerse ourselves. I recommend it whole-heartedly. Oh yeah baby, he’s back!
Live Your Life, Buy The Book, Rated 5 stars by Carli
As usual, the writing was very very good and I enjoyed that part immensely and I also learned a few new things – usually a hallmark for Josh stories for me.
I definitely recommend it as a worthwhile read even though it might not be my favorite of Josh’s work. A pretty good Josh story is still a VERY good read.
The Armchair Reader

Blood Red Butterfly
2013, JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
2013, JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
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