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Blood Heat

Book #3 in the Dangerous Ground series
Contemporary, Action-Adventure, Law Enforcement

Special Agents for the Department of Diplomatic Security, Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt have been partners forever and lovers for three months, but their new relationship is threatened when Will is offered a plum two-year assignment in Paris.

Will believes the posting only means postponing what they both want. Taylor fears that kind of separation will mean the end of their new and still-fragile relationship.

It's a bad time to find themselves in the middle of the New Mexico wilderness responsible for the health and welfare of a suspected terrorist. Especially when everyone else they run into seems determined to see their prisoner -- and them -- dead.

Followed by Dead Run.

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Whenever I start a new book by Josh Lanyon it's like a box of dark chocolates because I know that when I taste it, behind the delicious rush as it hits my tongue will be the bitter sweet melting, rich flavour that is orgasmic. Blood Heat, the third book in the Dangerous Ground series is definitely the darkest chocolate... Blood Heat was an exquisite, tender love story and kick ass adventure, rolled into one incredible package.
Wave for Jessewave Reviews
An action packed, emotional and exciting story.
Elise Lyn for
Bounty hunters, traitors, and even a flash flood fill the pages of the third action-packed story in the Dangerous Ground series. Everyone wants the girl, and Will and Taylor have her. They're on the run now, risking their lives trying to do the right thing. They're smart, capable guys who get the job done and always get their man. Will and Taylor are two of my favorite ass-kicking good guys.
Nanette Joyfully Reviewed
I fell in love with Josh Lanyon/s writing style all over again during this story. Action, suspense, sensual play and even a few humorous moments are all packed into this novella. Mr. Lanyon made the most of every sentence in this latest release. Now my only question is when will part four be ready?
Scandalous Minx for Literary Nymphs
Josh Lanyon has done it again but then, in my experience, a Josh Lanyon story is a sure thing. Blood Heat is the third story featuring Will Brandt and Taylor MacAllister and once again Iíve fallen for these two. Definitely NOT a book to miss. Oh, and by the way, itís as sexy as all get out along with being a mature, grown-up romance... with a bit of heartbreak here and there.
Kathy K for Reviews at Ebook Addict

Blood Heat
October 2012
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Calore Umano
August 2014
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Translated into Italian
by Mariolina Sari
Also available in
Armed & Dangerous
Trade paperback
August 2012
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December 2013
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