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The All's Fair Collection

Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller

Collected digitally for the first time -- the complete "All's Fair" series!

Fair Game Elliot Mills traded in his FBI badge for to become a history professor at Puget Sound University, but it seems his old life isn't finished with him, when a favor to a family friend regarding a missing student brings him him face-to-face with his former lover, Tucker Lance, the special agent handling the case.

Fair Play Setting up house with his new lover was tricky even before arson landed his former radical father, Roland, in the guest bedroom. But now ex-FBI agent Elliot has to figure out who is willing to kill his father, and whether it's simply to prevent his memoirs from being published.

Fair Chance Elliot thought he was done with the most brutal case of his career, with the notorious serial killer he spent years hunting finally in jail. But the former Special Agent's hopes dies when he learns The Scuptor wasn't acting alone.

The All's Fair Collection
March 2018
Carina Press
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