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All She Wrote

Book #2 in the Holmes & Moriarity series
Contemporary Mystery, Amateur Sleuth, Comedy

A murderous fall down icy stairs is nearly all she wrote for Anna Hitchcock, the "American Agatha Christie." The cry for help from his old mentor cuts short mystery author Kit Holmes' romantic weekend with his new lover J.X. Moriarity, and lands him an amateur sleuth gig in an elegant snowbound mansion in the Berkshires.

Unfortunately, a clever killer is still one step ahead of Kit...

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As in so many of your novels, the writing is amazing. Of course different readers respond to different styles, but there are few novelists in any genre whose work I find more satisfying to read. You write in a straightforward and understated style which is effortless to read, but it makes the emotional payoffs all the more effective because they sneak up on the reader. And you pull this off in the first person! Since everything the reader learns has to come through the eyes of the narrator, in less skillful hands the narrator can wind up being omniscient to the point of divinity or expository to the point of reader boredom. In your books, by contrast, the narrator reveals the world around him naturally and elegantly, and it is only as the story unfolds that we realize the ways in which the narrator might be the tiniest bit unreliable. But it doesn't feel like a trick. It feels like the way we acquire and process information in the real world.
There. I have made it through this entire review without once mentioning any other highly praised and greatly loved series you have written, much less made comparisons. All She Wrote deserves that, because it succeeds admirably on its own terms. I look forward to more installments of Holmes & Moriarity.
Sunita for Dear Author
All She Wrote is now one of my favorite Josh Lanyon books. Mystery check, witty sarcastic dialog check, and sexual tension that practically sizzles off the page check check check. If you've read Somebody Killed His Editor YOU CANNOT MISS OUT ON THS ONE, I mean it.
KC for Smokin' Hot Books
The smexxin is as you would expect in a Lanyon story: understated and marvelously written. Oh, and for some reason -- it isn't as if I am new to the genre and haven't read smexxin before -- there are a few times that J.X. says some variation of "I want to fuck you" that caused a jump in my gut in such a good way that doesn't often happen now. It hit me as totally sexy and erotic.
Aunt Lynn for Reviews at Jessewave
The perfect balance of mystery, romance, and eroticism. I particularly enjoyed the sexual and romantic aspects because of its significance sexually and emotionally for Christopher and J.X. (And because it's hot as hell.) There's a hint of something intriguing growing between them. I think there's a lot more to explore in J.X. and Christopher's relationship.
Nanette for Joyfully Reviewed
Josh Lanyon is truly a gifted writer with his ability to create such memorable characters; characters with flaws make them perfect. Kit and J.X. have delightful foibles that complement each other. Kit with his inconsistencies and his insecurities appeals to J.X. who is filled with confidence and the one consistency he knows: Kit and J.X. belong together. The plot was excellent and kept you devouring the story until the very last word and what a great ending it was! Josh Lanyon writes fantastic books that capture the reader with his smooth, flowing style.
Elise Lyn for
I am a big fan of Josh Lanyon. He writes some of the smartest, funniest romance/mystery/capers out there. This one was no exception. I really love the way the author pokes fun at the book world with this series. Even the tongue-in-cheek Arthur Conan Doyle character names add to general atmosphere of 'not taking oneself and one's book too seriously.
Amber for Buried by Books
Josh Lanyon is an extraordinary author and the Homes & Moriarity books are nothing if not the perfect example of his talent! I can't wait for more from this series!
Larissa for Book Addict
Like the first in the series, All She Wrote is an amusing look at the murky world of writer's egos, and Lanyon has fun playing with the country house mystery trope. The relationship between Kit and J.X. develops in a satisfying way.
Author Josephine Myles


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March 2017
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