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The Adrien English Mysteries

Books 1-3

Comprising the first three Adrien English novels, Fatal Shadows ,nd A Dangerous Thing and The Hell You Say, this e-book collection introduced a whole new slew of readers to Josh's work.


These were two of the best books I think I've ever read. Fast-paced, entertaining, beautifully written, genuinely scary in parts, witty, funny and with wonderfully complex mystery plots which left me wanting to turn the page regardless of the romance. But the romance was gorgeous! You can feel the chemistry between sharp-witted but vulnerable Adrien and 'straight as a stick figure' Jake, and their difficulties and challenges in relating to one another make their moments of tenderness so much more touching."
Alex Beecroft, Night Owl Romance, on the original omnibus edition.
"Emotionally intense, darkly seductive and immensely entertaining."
Literary Nymphs
"All that promise I saw in the noir story paid off. The sharp, spare writing is still there, but now it’s modernized, with cutting humor, careful characterizations, and close plotting there for the picking. Next to romance, mystery is my second favorite genre. I do love the thrill of the hunt, the search for clues, the action when the hero or heroine starts to put it all together. Lanyon pays it off here in spades, and he does it in a fresh enough voice for me to feel like I’m reading something completely new."
Book Utopia
"There’s not much I can say about the actual stories, because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I will say that the plots... are perfectly executed, beautifully paced, and genuinely scary and creepy. However, Josh Lanyon has a wonderful sense of balance and excels at both mystery and romance, so I can still recommend this omnibus for those romance readers who would otherwise think twice about delving into the mystery genre."
Top at Top & Bottom Book Reviews
"This book (is) a must read. It’s funny, sexy, romantic, exciting, and engaging."
Bottom at Top & Bottom Book Reviews

The Adrien English Mysteries
Comprising Fatal Shadows, A Dangerous Thing and The Hell You Say.
2007, Loose Id.
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Previous editions
A previous edition comprised Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing
2007, Loose Id.
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