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"A Limited Engagement"

Contemporary Romance

Ross has done everything Adam has asked him to do, including giving the man a part in his new play. All he wants is for Adam to keep his mouth shut about Ross' real life, which contradicts his image as a straight playwright. Adam knows that Ross has to face his true self, though, and he's ready to do whatever it takes to make Ross see the truth. Will all of Adam's effort backfire, or will Ross take what he needs?

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"A Limited Engagement"

October 2011, JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
Included in
In Sunshine or In Shadow
Short Stories, Volume 1
Trade paperback
June 2013, JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
Other editions

August 2010, JustJoshin Publishing Inc.
No longer available.

A Sip...
A Charity Wedding Short
September 2008, Torquere Press
No longer available
The proceeds from the original sales of this story were donated to gay and lesbian legal defense funds supporting the rights of gay marriage.
Also included in
Josh Lanyon: Collected Novellas
Trade paperback
2009, MLR Press
Out of print

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